We took our most popular corona discharge (CD) ozone generators and combined with PSA oxygen concentrating modules that make up the perfect integrated cabinet ozone systems. The CTO series general purpose cabinet ozone generators are designed in properly size and as simple as possible.

The CTO-10 & 20 are wall mount, air-cooled, corona discharge type ozone generators specifically designed for industrial applications. The system incorporates quartz glass/stainless steel ozone cells, solid state high frequency power supplies, PSA oxygen concentration modules, manual adjusting & function indicating control panel, gray epoxy powder coated mild steel enclosure with mounting legs and with the main function of ozone ON/OFF, 4-20ma remote controls & ozone safe interlock. These systems are equipped with external oil-less compressor. These models produce ozone in 10g/hr & 20g/hr.

CTO Series Wall Mount

Key Features & Benefits

Design Features

  • Corona Discharge (CD)
  • Integrated PSA Module(s)
  • Ozone ON/OFF Remote Control
  • 4-20ma Ozone Remote Control
  • Modular Design, Air Cooled
  • Wall Mountable
  • Oil-less Compressor Equipped
  • Anti Water Backflow Solenoid (Valve Optional)


  • Bottled Water Plants
  • Fruit & Vegetable Rinse
  • Meat & Fish Processing
  • Commercial Swimming Pool
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Aqua Animal Life Support
  • Air Treatment

Specifications CTO-10 CTO-20
Ozone Output 10g/hr 20g/hr
Ozone Output Flow 4.0L/min 5.0L/min
Ozone Output Pressure 0.4bar (6psi) 0.4bar (6psi)
Oil-less Compressor Equipped Yes (External) Yes (External)
Power Requirement*
(Single Phase)
120/240V 60/50HZ
120/240V 60/50HZ
Ozone Output
ON/OFF Remote Control
Yes Yes
Ozone Output 4-20ma
Remote Control
Yes Yes
Note: "*" Not include oil-less compressor's power consumption