UV-Series Ozone System

UV Series ozone system utilize Ultraviolet Ray (UV) ozone generating technologies.

It's suitable for a broad range of application especially at high moisture area, including commercial, institutional and residential.

UV Series ozone system utilize module design. UV Ozone generation module made from aluminum tube, easy and DIY (Do it yourself) maintenance design and high reliability power supply (Digital smart ballast [120~277V]) for longer reliable use.

UV-series ozone system producing up to 2g/h@0.1% concentration for swimming pool & spa disinfection

UV-series Ozone system utilize Ultraviolet Ray (UV) technologies. Use ambient air as feed gas for long and trouble free use.



Main Features

  • Use 185nm UV ray generating module.
  • Uses ambient air as feed gas for long time and reliable use.
  • Can produce zero-nitrous oxides ozone gas.
  • Use high efficiency & high catoptrical aluminum UV-lamp hose.
  • Use replaceable UV-lamp design, the lamp's life is more than 9,000 hours.
  • Equipped with smart electronic ballast with lamp failure alarm function.
  • Extra air pump synchronization socket outlet, optional air pump or injector.
  • White powder coated steel enclosure.
  • Air-cooled with cooling fan, wall mount.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hotel
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa

Technical Data

Ozone Output Maximum Pool Volume
UV-10 1g/h 50 14000
UV-20 2g/h 90 24000
UV-20 * 2 4g/h 160 42000
UV-20 * 3 6g/h 240 62000


UV OZONE SYSTEM Model l x h x w Weight
mm inch kg/lb
UV-10 218x646x128 8.6x25.4x5.0 5.2/11.5
UV-20 218x646x128 8.6x25.4x5.0 6.1/13.4

How it Works

Ozone is produced when ambient air passes over two (UV-10) or four (UV-20) high intensity UV lamps. The systems operate under vacuum conditions created by a water driven venturi ensuring maximum safety in operation.

Designed for long term reliability and easy operation, the units incorporate an ozone resistant gas tight compartment inside which the UV lamps are located.