An Ideal Laundry Problem Solver


Ozone (03) is an unstable, triatomic form of ordinary Oxygen (02). It is formed naturally when oxygen is exposed to ultraviolet light, as in the upper atmosphere, or when subjected to high voltages such as lightning strikes.

Ozone begins to degrade as soon as it is formed, either through reactions with other chemicals or by decomposition to molecular oxygen. Storage of ozone is impractical due to its rapid decay; therefore it must be generated on site at the time of use.

All Around Better

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available and is generated via the same mechanisms employed by nature: ultraviolet light and powerful electrical fields. It is currently used in applications as diverse as disinfection of drinking water, maintenance of water quality in the aquaria and whale pools at sea parks, deodorization of smoke damaged property, disinfection of hot tubs and pools, and color/odor removal from wastewater streams.

As a powerful oxidant, ozone will react with many of the proteins, fats, oils, tannins and serum constituents that compose soils on textiles. Ozone oxidation cleaves many large molecules leaving smaller oxidized residuals with improved solubility characteristics which allow their removal with significantly less chemicals. Ozone functions similarly to color safe oxygen based bleaches, removing stains and destroying microbes while leaving fabrics undamaged and colors bright.

Perfect for Sanitation

Ozone cleans fabrics by chemically reacting with insoluble soils through oxidation, causing them to break into smaller molecules which are water soluble and can be freed from the fabric by ordinary washing machine agitation.

Other beneficial processes are also at work, such as how ozone acts on the properties of water, which makes the use of ozone with certain detergents containing alkalis and surfactants significantly more effective. Because of these cleaning enhancing properties, ozone can effectively be used in laundry operations. Since ozone also has significant sterilization properties, it makes an ideal laundry problem solver.