Ozone Water Tech

is on a worldwide mission to provide the highest quality of ozone water products to a variety of industries, primarily the laundry industry as utilized in Hotels, Hospitals, Care Homes, Institutions and Commercial laundries.

Green Technology for Today's Laundry Industry

LaundrOzone™ by
Ozone Water Tech

OSHA & HHS Approved For Laundry Washing Machines

Using minimal space, the plug and play machine is placed on a wall behind or near the washer system.

Operating on the principal of direct injection, a unique diffuser allows many small ozone bubbles to impregnate the water.

Oxidating and disinfecting during the selected cycles, the ozone molecule quickly dissipates due to its short life.

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Our goals are a Green Initiative for the Environment, providing a superior product at an outstanding return on investment, and a quality service program for maintenance. We are blessed with numerous years of experience in laundry technology which gives credence to operational detail, knowledge and problem solving.

We also have products for other industrial and commercial applications, such as swimming pools, food processing, sanitation and cooling towers.


We are committed to our people and our customers.

We foster a corporate environment that breeds excellence, recruiting the finest employees and empowering them to share our vision of becoming the pre-eminent provider of water and energy conservation products.

We will encourage and reward personal initiative, team collaboration and ethics in conduct and will promote a workplace where each individual assumes a personal interest in the collaborative success of the organization.