Green Technology for Today’s Environment

10 Point Environmental Plan
May 3, 2017

TRYON, N.C.–Ozone Water Technologies, Inc. (OWT) is a worldwide company, manufacturing and distributing a premiere line of ozone systems for commercial, healthcare, and hospitality laundries. One of their products, LaundrOzone™, meets Green Initiative requirements as it is proven to dramatically reduce energy usage while providing a substantial payback

With the cost of energy rising, laundry end users are experiencing a substantial rise in operating expenses. OWT, Inc. says now is the time to pay attention to cost saving technologies, like ozone, to assist end-users in the process of combating energy rates. For example, LaundrOzone™, uses a continuous injection system which has proven to dramatically reduce energy usage, water, and chemical consumption, providing a substantial payback.

Since ozone works best using cold water, LaundrOzone™ can decrease or eliminate hot-water consumption. This reduces the workload of water heaters and saves more than 60 percent in energy costs. LaundrOzone™ also decreases the cycle time for washers cutting water/sewer usage by 30 percent, while increasing production. With fewer chemicals left on linens, faster drying is achieved. Laundries can also expect to reduce chemical volume which provides longer linen life and laundry-room temperatures adjust to more comfortable levels.

OWT, Inc. is outfitting laundries throughout North America and as far away as Africa, Europe and South America.